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Project Management


Your competent partner for all questions concerning electronics.

Our offer comprises of:

- Complete project management
- Settling agreements on the technical specifications
- Consulting and training your employees
- Development of hard and software
- Setting up tests and prototypes
- Validating and verifying
- Handling of approvals
- Choosing suppliers
- Supervising the electronic-production
- Preparation of the all documentation

Further information on these services can be found in subsequent pages. You decide which of these services you will need as support.


Our customer's success makes us right

Service Overview

Project Management means: Scheduling and -tracking, cost estimating, requirements management, realization of the development, validating and supervising the production.


Consulting is what you get from us in all areas concerning electronics.


Training should motivate. When all employees are involved the project will becomes a success.


Development is our passion.