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Today electronics have been integrated into market areas that until recently would have been unimaginable. The increased raw material costs have forced more and more manufactures to consider the use of electronics. Due to increased technological possibilities in electronics it is possible to substitute applications that till recently were conducted mechanically.

The advantages are often times:
- better technical data with regards to the product and
- higher flexibility

Until now the high costs for electronics prevented their use. Their is however a clear trend. Due to the sinking prices for components, higher degrees of automatisation with respect to manufacturing and high expectations from the end customer, electronics will be able to establish itself in more areas. Years ago electronics was renowned for poor reliability, now after years of continual improvement it is no longer inferior its alternative, complex mechanical units.

Through our wide and diversified spectrum of applications we are knowledgeable of the advantages in the respective fields of application:

- The quality standards in the automotive sector,
- the cost sensitivity of household appliances,
- the sturdiness – and longevity requirements from the industrial and telecommunications industry

and will put together an effective package for your product.


Ideas are the beginning

Skills Overview

Market Range The electronic products are just as multiplex as our team.


Technology only makes sense if it serves human beings.


Core competences are our areas that we have acquired, over the years that are valued by our customers.